My name is John and I created this website because there are so many restaurants to choose from in town that it’s difficult to know which one to choose. Yes, you could use a website like TripAdvisor to find out but TripAdvisor is full of fake reviews. We screen each review on this site and because we only have a small website, it’s possible to human check each review posted on this site. I am an expat living in Siem Reap and I’ve been here for many years. I’ve listed the places I like to go and you’ll probably see me in any one of these restaurants most nights of the week! I’ve answered the most frequently asked questions below, but if you want to contact me, don’t hesitate to email me here.


This isn’t just another directory of restaurants in Siem Reap. If you’re looking for that, then go to TripAdvisor. The restaurants I feature on this website are here because they are my favourite places to eat in town. 

If you want me to consider your restaurant, send me an email, invite me along, and if I like it, I might just add it to this site!


Of course, if you don’t want your restaurant featured on a site which lists the “best restaurants in Siem Reap”, then I’ll happily remove it for you!!


Well, I’ve been in Siem Reap for many years and there’s a lot of good places to eat in town. There are also a lot of bad places to eat. Liking food is a very subjective matter, but I wanted to list my favourite restaurants in town to help other people make an informed choice about where to eat.

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