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Yes in Cambodia it is common for Khmer people to eat insects. They are literally delighted by crickets or some Tarantula who get the reputation to have some medicinal properties. Bugs Cafe is the best place to eat insect in Siem Reap!

Bugs Cafe is an original place to discover the insects taste! Very popular among both tourists and expats people, this french owned cafe/restaurant will make you eat things you would have never though you can find in your plate.

This restaurant is a clean, and safe environment where the only things that will stop you from open your mouth is the fear of clean, 100% eatable huge spider in your plate...

Close your eyes, open your mouth, everything is gonna be ok!

From starter with the insect skewers until dessert with the famous Bugs Cafe's Tarantula Muffins, you can decide to have an entire meal there or just aperitif with one discovery platters and some cocktails or beers.

This is the perfect place to come with your family, or with your friend, to create unforgettable memories. The Chef is taking a great care about the design of his plates to be sure you can take the perfect instagram photos and most surprising pictures to show off on social media and with your friends and family back home!

Located near the Park Hyatt hotel, just about 100 meters from Sivatha Blvd, the place is easy to find and easily accessible in a quiet street no so far from the center.

Concerning the price, this place is not a very cheap one, but I guess this is the price of insuring high quality standards, and hygiene in the kitchen.

Don't be afraid, give it a chance, and of course, come back here to give me your feedback on it, I would love to discover what did you think about it!


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I wanted to try insects!

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Bugs Cafe got the perfect name for what it stands for, this place will make you eat insects! If you are looking for a traditional experience, this is not the good place, but if you feel half-half about eating insect, you can go there and TRY to eat them in a safe and more familiar environment! Just 4-star review because it was a little bit expensive for me, but very good in all other points! Enjoy!

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