• You are looking for things to do in Siem Reap at night, after your dinner?

  • You are lost, overloaded by the amount of information and promotion that are surrounding you in town?

  • You are looking for a cosy place, a hidden gem, something different?

Here is the best bar in Siem Reap, let me tell you why!

If you are visiting Angkor Wat temples, chances are you are going to eat, drink, party in the center town of Siem Reap, Cambodia. It is a very touristic place, with tons, literally "tons" of restaurants and bars and it is a common phenomenon to be lost in this jungle!

That is the first reason why, living here, I decided to help you find out the best of what you can expect here during your stay.

You probably saw it already, the Pub Street area is a crazy place, probably the most crowded place just after Angkor Wat temples. And I know some of you are desperately looking for something a bit different, more quiet, where you can, in the same time, enjoy delicious drinks, and speak with your friends.

The Ten Bells is a bar, restaurant/bar to be more precise, but for me it looks much like an authentic Pub - even if they serve also good food, especially the burger, it's a must try! The decor is beautiful, and the service excellent. It is located between Sivatha Bld and the Old Market, just one street away from Pub Street, Alley West, and it changes everything.

Check out this video of the Ten Bells' LIVE MUSIC!

Why you should go there?

Because it is an absolute guarantee to have a good time, in a very special ambience you'll not find anywhere else in town. The Ten Bells also has live music, with one of my favorite, and I think one of the best musicians living in Siem Reap. Since I lived here and I discovered this place, I saw him make magic happen with DJ deck, flute and currently Saxophone.

I really think he is a music genius. Plus a very nice guy behind the scene. Do not hesitate to ask him to play your favorite song or just have a chat with him!



Prices are average for the area, you can find cheaper deals around, but it depends of your taste. The cocktails are all sold at a single price of $4.95, and you are sure that you are going to drink real alcohol brands.. They propose an impressive  international drink list.

If you feel hungry, you can also order some of their tapas. The vegetable samosa is definitely my favorite!



If you are in the Pub Street area, you are just about 3 min walk maximum from there, just go have a look!

And if finally you spend your evening with this beautiful team, don't forget to share your experience with me and other visitors looking for Siem Reap points of interest just like you!

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