Siem Reap is a bustling tourist town located just a few kilometres from the famous Angkor Wat temple and one of the most popular areas in town is Pub Street. If you come to Siem Reap it's likely that you're here to visit Angkor Wat, but it's also very likely that at some point during your stay, you'll also visit pub street. The whole area is filled with restaurants, shops, stalls, people, and more. It's where you'll find most people spend their evenings after they've been exploring Angkor Wat during the day.

1. Whatever you want to eat!

There are so many different places to eat in and around Pub Street that you'll definitely find something to your tastes. Whether you're looking for an authentic Khmer dish, an Italian pizza, or even a Mexican Taco, the area around Pub Street has it all. It's in and around Pub Street that you'll find most of the restaurants geared towards tourists in Siem Reap and you'll find something suitable for everyone including vegetarian and vegan options.

2. Cheap drinks!

Beers are cheap in Cambodia wherever you go, but they're arguably the cheapest in Pub Street! You'll find many places doing "happy hours" where beers can be as cheap as 50c a glass. In some cases, we've found 25c and 30c beers! But the normal happy hour price is 50c. Even when it's not happy hour, most places will sell you an ice-cold draft Angkor Beer for $1. So if you like a drink, and you like cheap drinks, Pub Street is the place to be!

3. Party until the early hours!

Pub Street is a great place for a party. On the main part of Pub Street there are bars open until the early hours of the morning and you'll often see lots of revelers dancing in the street. The Angkor What? Bar was one of the first to open. Other popular bars include the Temple Bar and Cheers. You'll often find people drinking responsibly in each of these venues!

4. It's Exciting!

There's always something going on at Pub Street in the evenings. There's always a party and plenty of people around. On holidays, the whole area becomes one big party with the local authorities putting on parties for Khmer New Year, the Water Festival, and Pchum Ben. Moreover, there's also lots of special events for popular western holidays such as Christmas, New Year, and Halloween.

5. It's at the center of everything.

The main tourist center of Siem Reap is located around the Pub Street area and it's where most things are. You'll find plenty of ATMs, shops, restaurants, bars, supermarkets, and many more places which you'll need during your stay in town. Pub Street is one of the most famous landmarks in town and you're looking to buy most things, you'll find people often say "near Pub Street". There's a lot to explore in one small area.

Pub Street in Siem Reap has become the centre of town and there are hundreds of restaurants, bars, and many other things in and around the area. Just nearby is the popular Old Market, the night markets, and Sok San Road. There are a lot of small lanes to explore and you can easily spend a whole evening just walking around. It's sometimes said that people come to visit Siem Reap for two reasons. First, to visit the world-famous Angkor Wat temple and second is see Pub Street!

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John is a long-term expat in Siem Reap and he's been living and working in town for a number of years. He enjoys cycling, exploring, and going for walks. John loves good food, cooking, and socialising. You'll often find him in one of his favourite restaurants around town!

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